Argentine Trademark # 2,105,223 - Gian Robert

Argentine Trademark # 2,105,223 - Gian Robert main image

There is a complex history of the Argentine trademark for the words 'Gian Robert' covering category 12 products (vehicles including bicycles). That history may go something like this:

  • Sometime before 1983 someone unknown registered this trademark. Unfortunately there is no record of this registration in the online sytem.
  • In 1983 'Bike Parts SRL', a company based in Argentina, appears to have taken over this trademark by having it registered as 'transferred' to their name.
  • In 1985 'Gian Robert Societa in Nome Colletivo', the Gian Robert company based in Italy, applied for the trademark, but this was refused. This was possibly because Bike Parts SRL owned it at this point.
  • In 1995 another Argentine company, called Faga SRL applied to take over the trademark from Bike Parts SRL, and was granted the trademark.
  • In 2006 Faga SRL renewed the tademark.
  • The trademark expored in 2016.

The most mysterious part of this history is the 1985 step where Gian Robert of Italy applies for the trademark and is refused. Was Gian Robert of Italy the holder of the trademark before 1983 and had it snatched from them by Bike Parts SRL? All very weird.

Argentine Trademark # 2,105,223 - Gian Robert main image