Argentine Trademark # 1,794,579 - RBM

Argentine Trademark # 1,794,579 - RBM main image

Searching the online records of Instituto Nacional de la Propriedad Industrial I República Argentina, I can find two trademarks, for category 12 products (vehicles including bicycles), for 'RBM'. They yield the following information:

  • Both are held by Miguel Angel Mancardo.
  • The first was applied for in March 1987. This appears not to be a renewal, but appears to be an initial application.
  • The second is a renewal of the first. It expired in May 2010.
  • In 2010 Walter Alejandro Mancardo may have to have applied for a trademark for RBM for category 7 products (machines except vehicles).

One might conclude that RBM was a company owned by Miguel Angel Mancardo that was active in the bicycle component market at some time between 1987 and 2010. The company may then have passed to the next generation and moved into manufacturing non-bicycle products.

Argentine Trademark # 1,794,579 - RBM main image