Argentine Trademark # 1,001,372 - Gambato

Argentine Trademark # 1,001,372 - Gambato main image

A search of the online records of Instituto Nacional de la Propriedad Industrial I República Argentina, throws up two trademarks, for category 12 products (vehicles including bicycles), for the word 'Gambato'. These yield the following information:

  • Both are held by Salvador Aguilaniedo. He is listed as coming from Avellanena, which is possibly Avellaneda, a district of Buenos Aires.
  • The first was registered in October 1980. This appears to be a renewal of Argentine Trademark 681704. As Argentine Trademarks are registered for 10 years, you might guess this earlier mark dates from 1970.
  • The second is a renewal of the first. It expired in March 2003.

So it appears that the Gambato brand was owned by Salvador Aguilaniedo and was active sometime in the period 1970 to 2003. It may also have been active before 1970, but the online records do not seem to go back that far.

As an aside, Salvador Aguilaniedo also registered the word 'Weinmann' as a trademark, applying in 1982.

Argentine Trademark # 1,001,372 - Gambato main image