Allan Holdsworth - Tullio

Allan Holdsworth - Tullio main image

The incomparable Frank Zappa once called Allan Holdsworth ‘one of the most interesting guys on guitar on the planet’. Allan Holdsworth played with Soft Machine, Gong and various other legendary groups. He is widely claimed as a seminal influence by all manner of more commercially successful guitarists - and yet I just can’t find anything in his music that makes me want to listen to it again. Perhaps you will have more luck.

Despite my inability to connect with his music, I have to concede that Allan Holdsworth can’t be all bad, because he has an abiding interest in both cycling and beer.

This track, called ‘Tullio’ is a tribute to Tullio Campagnolo and was released on his ‘Hard Hat Area’ solo album.

If Jazz Fusion is your thang, you can hear 90 seconds of the track on iTunes.