Albert Mamsto Trio - Derailleur Gears

Albert Mamsto Trio - Derailleur Gears main image

The Albert Mamsto Trio are Albert Ibrahimaj on guitar, Frank Heim on bass and Holger Schmaltz on drums. I believe they are based in Freiburg in Germany’s Black Forest. What Mamsto is I cannot imagine - I don’t even know if you’re meant to smoke, snort or drink it.

The track is a kind-of-cover of the Steve Morse track of the same name. It was included on an album of covers of classic tracks by guitar greats called ‘Strange Fruits’. This track is, therefore, a weird tribute to Steve Morse’s tribute to Eric Clapton which was on Steve’s own album of tributes to great guitarists. When you hear the track you may wonder why, given this pedigree, it sounds so very like Carlos Santana. Yeah, I’m confused too.

You can hear 90 seconds of the track on iTunes (or, even better, splash some cash and buy it). Support derailleur related music - you know it makes sense.

  • Artist: Albert Mamsto Trio
  • Producers/Labels: CD Baby
  • Themes: Music
  • Trivia related by brand: none
  • Date: 2005
  • Serial number: unknown
  • Derailleur brands: none
  • Derailleurs: none