Acros A-GE Manual

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These are the fitting instructions for the Acros A-GE hydraulic derailleur system.

Bleeding a derailleur system is a chore that I had hoped to never have to read about. I suppose it’s no worse than the prospect of having to download new firmware for the damn thing. Whatever happened to the simple joys of Bowden cables? I’ll miss the satisfying crunch as I strip the thread on the cable clamp bolt - and what will replace the frisson of pleasure/pain as the frayed cable end buries itself lovingly in the soft flesh of my index finger?

After a certain age you start to think that Ned Ludd was right all along - go on look him up using that new-fangled internet malarkey!

  • Publisher: Acros
  • Country: Germany
  • Date: 2013?
  • Derailleur brands: Acros, 5rot
  • Derailleurs: Acros A-GE RD60, Acros A-GE RD80, Acros A-GE RD90, Acros A-GE RD100