Acros - Product Catalog 2014

Acros - Product Catalog 2014 page 1 main image

Published in October 2013 this catalogue describes the Acros range of products for ‘model year’ 2014. Almost hidden amongst the feast of headsets, bottom brackets, hubs and god-knows-what-else are a few noticeably uninformative pages describing the hydraulic derailleurs.

The model that was previously known as Acros A-GE now becomes the Acros A-GE MT - dedicated for mountain bikes. Whereas it was previously available in 4 cage lengths, this is now reduced to a mere 3! A new model is introduced for road bikes - the Acros RDA. This does seem to be genuinely different, with differently shaped parallelogram plates and is accompanied by funky levers for drop bars.

Acros distributed this catalogue as a low-res pdf - so I apologise for the quality of the images.

  • Publisher: Acros
  • Country: Germany
  • Date: 2013
  • Derailleur brands: Acros, 5rot
  • Derailleurs: Acros A-GE MT RD60, Acros A-GE MT RD80, Acros A-GE MT RD100, Acros A-GE RDA