See also: Zeus documents, Zeus trivia

Country: Spain

See also: Zeus documents, Zeus trivia

Country: Spain

Zeus Industriale SA was established by Don Nicholás de Arregui in Eibar, in the Basque region in 1926. Zeus initially produced small parts, then components and finally complete bicycles. Nicholas de Arregui continued to acquire patents up until about 1964. However from 1958 one José Luis Eibar also started taking out patents (and continued to do so until about 1969). José Luis Eibar appears to claim to be the owner of Zeus in a 1962 advert in Le Cycliste. There’s a weird synchronicity here - both Eibar and Arregui are the names of Basque towns.

Sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s Zeus seemed to have ceased trading. Orbea, also based near Eibar, seem to have bought the name and produced bicycles branded Zeus as recently as 2002. Orbea also use the Zeus name as a house brand for components such as seatpins.

I recently read some PR blurb describing Zeus as ‘one of cycling’s most storied brands’ or some such meaning-lite nonsense - but it’s true that you can’t write about Zeus without getting caught up in a tangled web of stories. It is, after all, only appropriate that a brand called Zeus should be surrounded by fantastical myths and legends. More...


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