Super Champion

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Country: France

Super Champion was the derailleur brand of Oscar Egg, one of the giants of cycling history, and a man who should surely have had best pals named Horace Herring and Mr Potato Head - but I digress...

Oscar Egg was an outstanding Swiss track rider who set the World Hour Record three times before the First World War. To round out his palmares he won stages of both the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. He is also something of a hero of the Human Powered Vehicle movement as he built recumbent and fully faired aerodynamic bicycles between the two World Wars.

Oscar Egg owned a bicycle shop/workshop in Avenue des Grandes Armees in Paris. In 1932 he introduced the Champion derailleur, a device which involved a derailing fork mechanism attached to the seat stay and a chain tensioner that was attached to the chainstay just behind the bottom bracket. This was a similar design to a 1928 Vittoria. More...