SunTour suffered from a serious but very creative case of multiple personality disorder. On the one hand it created exquisite, refined and delicate  jewels like the Competition and the first generation Cyclones. On the second hand it created madly eccentric designs of freakish originality like the Skitter and SMS Max. And on the third hand it was all about raw power, brutal strength and primal simplicity. This last, and possibly most genuine, tradition gave us the SunTour 888 Wide pull chain derailleurs and the SunTour Honor and SunTour GT.

The SunTour Honor was the mid range, steel workhorse of the SunTour range for two decades. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t light, it wasn’t sophisticated, being steel it was a touch noisy and it certainly wasn’t going to impress your europhile friends in the local cycling club. But it was cheap, strong, reliable and effective.

This example is the third style of SunTour Honor. It has a glossy allen key hanger bolt, the adjuster screws have a locking system involving plastic in a groove and the pulley cage has been slightly redesigned. The cable clamp is still mounted on its own pivot (it is not integrated with the parallelogram pivot). It was the dominant low-end derailleur of its time.


  1. Brand: SunTour

  2. My category: SunTour - the Honor story

  3. Country: Japan

  4. Date of introduction: 1973?

  5. Date of this example: 1973 (two letter date code is PB)

  6. Model no: 2600

  7. Weight: 399g including hanger plate

  8. Maximum cog: 30 teeth (Sutherlands 4th edition and SunTour)

  9. Total capacity: 28 teeth (Sutherlands 4th edition and SunTour)

  10. Pulley centre to centre: 57mm

  11. Index compatibility: friction

  12. Chain width: 3/32”

  13. Logic: top normal

  14. Pivots: two pivots, front sprung and rear unsprung

  15. Material: steel


SunTour Honor (2600 2nd style)