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The inclusion of Stella Veneta on this site is uncomfortably speculative. The famous article in the May 1981 edition of New Cycling lists an Italian brand called 'Marca Stella', which possibly translates as 'Star Brand'. I have asked a couple of knowledgeable Italians about this and both suggested that it probably referred to Stella Veneta, which might translate as 'Star of Veneto'.

Stella Veneto is one of a family of brands that is associated with the Michelin (sometimes called the Michelino) family based in San Vendemiano, Venetto, Italy. The story may go something like this:

  • It's possible that Ferdinando Michelin and his brothers founded a company called Cicli Piave, possibly in 1919. This business may have been essentially a specialist bicycle shop that produced frames and bicycles, as was the style at the time.
  • After some time, Ferdinando may have fallen out with one or more of his brothers.
  • He, then, may have gone on to form Fabbrica Accessori Cicli di Michelin S.P.A., a company specializing in bicycle components that used the Miche brand.
  • One or more of his brothers may have started manufacturing complete bicycles under the Stella Veneta brand.

It's not inconceivable, coming from this background, that Stella Veneta used derailleurs carrying their own brand. Perhaps this explains the models featured in the May 1981 edition of New Cycling.

A footnote that is often added to this story is that the Michelin family that started the famous French tyre company also originally hailed from the Veneto region of Italy.

see also New Cycling 05/1981 - Derailleur Collection

see also New Cycling 05/1981 - Derailleur Collection

  • Publisher: New Cycling
  • Date: May 1981
  • Derailleur brands: too numerous to list here
  • Derailleurs: too numerous to list here
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