I remember this derailleur as being introduced after the Ofmega Mistral, as part of the cheaper Ofmega Mundial groupset - although I have never seen it in a catalogue. It is a simplified version of the Mistral - regrettably available only in black.

This example has the, shorter, 42mm long parallelogram plates, a steel hanger bolt and outer pulley cage plate and a set up where the cable runs around a guide between the outer stop and the cable clamp. The outer pulley cage plate and the cable run are very reminiscent of Simplex designs. Ofmega worked closely with Simplex from 1987.

A brave but futile attempt to bring designer lunacy to the masses.


  1. Brand: Ofmega

  2. Country: Italy

  3. Date of introduction: 1988

  4. Date of this example: unknown

  5. Model no: unknown

  6. Weight: 215g

  7. Maximum cog: 28 teeth

  8. Total capacity: 24 teeth

  9. Pulley centre to centre: 47mm

  10. Index compatibility: friction

  11. Chain width: 3/32”

  12. Logic: top normal

  13. Pivots: two pivots, one sprung and one unsprung

  14. Material: plastic with steel outer pulley cage plate and an aluminium inner pulley cage plate


Ofmega Mundial