All of my three collections, of derailleurs, of documents and finally of trivia are incomplete - but my collection of trivia is especially incomplete. I hope to get this up to speed soon...

You can browse the trivia collection in three different ways:

  1. By items. This will, one day, be a huge unwieldy list sorted by theme - to give you the big picture.

  2. By themes. Perhaps music is your bag, or maybe it is jewellery that rocks your boat...

  3. By brands. They get everywhere.


In addition to the trivia collection this site has three other sections:

  1. The core collection of gears. Rear derailleurs from around the world and across the decades in all their rusty glory.

  2. A collection of documents relating to derailleurs, such as catalogues, instruction leaflets and patents. Some of these are surprisingly beautiful and/or interesting. Others, well they are derailleur catalogues.

  3. A list of links that I have found entertaining and often useful.

As a handy guide, each of these sections of the site has its own colour scheme, and its own navigation menus - smart, huh?

Finally you can use the arrows like this
to move to the next or previous page.

Trivia - an introduction