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Country: Italy

Based in Loria, north eastern Italy, not far from Vicenza, Gipiemme have a long history as one of the smaller players in the Italian bicycle industry. Their name is the initials ‘GPM’ pronounced as a word. They are sometimes referred to as ‘GPM’ and have branded some product as ‘GPM’.

There are a number of aspects of Gipiemme’s history that are slightly mysterious to me. In the way of many small Italian companies, Gipiemme’s Italian web site,, makes much of a single heroic figure in their history, Giovanni Bernardi. Bernardi is pictured with the leading cyclists over the decades, starting with Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali in photos dating from the early 1950s. It is rude to say it, but Giovanni Bernardi seems to have been the poor man’s Tullio Campagnolo - a marketing professional might ‘position’ him more politely as ‘the affordable Tullio Campagnolo’. All of which makes perfect sense - and is vaguely consistent with Frank Berto’s description of a 1949 derailleur branded Gipiemme, a fork type that is strikingly similar to a Campagnolo Corsa.

However Gipiemme’s, very official looking, British, web site,, clearly states that the company was founded in 1964 in Milano. More...