Ultra-lightweight - road racing models

Walter derailleur main image Sachs-Huret Jubilee derailleur (2200) main image SunTour Cyclone Mark-II derailleur (3500) main image

This is a rogue’s gallery of road racing derailleurs weighing less than 190g excluding hanger plate. I chose ‘less than 190g’ as the cut off because the relatively modern, supposedly ‘super lightweight’, 25th anniversary Shimano Dura-Ace weighs in at 189g.

The selection includes all the usual suspects - Huret’s Jubilee and Success, Campagnolo’s Super Record, a smattering of Zeus, the odd Simplex, some colourful Gallis etc. etc... But there are some interesting entries - you might not have expected to see Gian Robert, Ofmega, Rino, Roto, SunRace, Triplex or a Kharkov. Weirdest of all, no one would have pegged the Czech Walter as being one of the lightest gears of all time.

Of all the derailleurs shown here, the various SunTour models take the technical biscuit - they are not only light, they also work exceptionally well.

It’s noticeable that light weight was a particular obsession during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The absence of Shimano product (with Dura-Ace 7100 the notable exception to the rule) is also striking.

The weight shown is without a hanger plate, for examples which I weighed with a hanger plate, I have estimated a hanger plate as weighing 35g (except in the case of the Gian Robert where I have guessed 25g).

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