Campagnolo Spare Parts Catalogue - 1996

Campagnolo Spare Parts Catalogue - 1996 front cover main image

For model year 1996 the Record OR finally disappears, ending Campagnolo's brief, but disastrous, flirtation with mountain biking. In other news, the Avanti group gets a triple derailleur, and every derailleur is refreshed - except, inexplicably, the Mirage Triple (!?@*!).

The derailleur range is:

All 8-speed

  • Campagnolo Record (RD-41RE)*
  • Campagnolo Chorus (RD-41CH)*
  • Campagnolo Athena (RD-41AT)*
  • Campagnolo Racing Triple (RD-11RA3)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce (RD-31VL)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce Triple (RD-13VL)*
  • Campagnolo Mirage (RD-11MI)*
  • Campagnolo Mirage Triple (RD-03MI)
  • Campagnolo Avanti (RD-11AV)*
  • Campagnolo Avanti Triple (RD-03AV)*

* New for model year 1996

These images come from a pdf downloaded from the Campagnolo web site some years ago. The rear derailleurs are featured from page 18 to page 24.

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