Campagnolo - 'white' workshop videos 2007 or 2008?
(3 episodes)

Campagnolo white workshop - Campagnolo C10 Chain Assembly main image

The earliest Campagnolo workshop videos that I was ever aware of were these ones with a white title slide. For some reason I remember there being a good handful of them - but I can only now find the three offered here. If anyone knows of others please let me know!

Campagnolo posted these videos on its YouTube channel in January 2010. By this time we were well into the 11-speed era, so I think that these movies must have been made some years before this date. My guess is 2007 or 2008 - late enough for Ultra-Torque bottom bracket axles but early enough for the Campagnolo Record (RD4-REXS).

The resolution is certainly low enough to indicate a date before 2010. The 5 by 4 aspect ratio is also kind of quaint.

For derailleur junkies, the episode about the 10-speed chain includes shots of a Campagnolo Record (RD4-REXS).