Campagnolo - Chorus (July 1987 version)

Campagnolo - Chorus (July 1987) scan 01 main image

I believe this catalogue marks the introduction of the Campagnolo Chorus groupset. It dates from July 1987.

For real Campagnolo nerds, there are a few noteworthy points:

  • The derailleurs on scan 6 have cable clamp bolts with a milled-out ring - these were typical of early 1980s mid range Campagnolo derailleurs. I have never seen these on a real-life Chorus.
  • Other scans (scan 2, scan 4 and scan 7) show derailleurs with cable clamp bolts with a domed top. These are on all the real Choruses that I have ever seen.
  • The rear parallelogram plates and parts with the parallelogram pivots are polished, rather than stippled grey. This may be typical of early Chorus derailleur.

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