Campagnolo - 2007

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The derailleur range changes a lot for model year 2007. All the groupsets from Centaur down are new 10 speed models. The long cage derailleurs are not included in the usual named groupsets, but are separated out with their own model names. The only remaining 9 speed derailleur is the Champ Triple.

The range now is:


  • Campagnolo Record (RD4-REXS)
  • Campagnolo Record (RD4-REXM)
  • Campagnolo Chorus (RD4-CHXS)
  • Campagnolo Chorus (RD4-CHXM)
  • Campagnolo Centaur (RD7-CEXS)*
  • Campagnolo Centaur (RD7-CEXM)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce (RD7-VLXS)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce (RD7-VLXM)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce Infinite (RD7-VLNXS)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce Infinite (RD7-VLNXM)*
  • Campagnolo Mirage (RD7-MIXS)*
  • Campagnolo Mirage (RD7-MIXM)*
  • Campagnolo Xenon (RD7-XEXS)*
  • Campagnolo Xenon (RD7-XEXM)*
  • Campagnolo Comp Triple (RD7-COXL)*
  • Campagnolo Race Triple (RD7-RAXL)*


  • Campagnolo Champ Triple (RD7-CP9L)*

* New for model year 2007

In the modern Campagnolo tradition, the number in the first part of the model code is the year of introduction. Also 'X' in the second part of the model code indicates 10 speed, and '9' in the second part of the model code indicates 9 speed.

These images are taken from a pdf, downloaded from the Campagnolo web site some years ago.

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